Golrang Industrial Group

About this project

“Golrang Industrial Group” was established in 2003 under the chairmanship of Mr. Mohammad Karim Fazli. Dr. Mehdi Fazli was appointed as the CEO of this dynamic and innovative corporation. Following the establishment of this corporation, Golrang Industrial Group focused on creating sustainable future, ethical professional business and the improvement of the lifestyle of the customers, based on the guidance and disciplines of the founder. Golrang Industrial Group has set its vision on entering the international markets and being among the top 500 corporations worldwide.

Prosperously, Golrang Industrial Group has achieved a sustainable growth in all fields, and has experienced %28 of growth in human capital extent and currently more than 16000 employees are working in this group. Undoubtedly, the current era is the age of Information Technology. Golrang Industrial Group has always been a leading organization in the field of information technology.