Iranian National Art Museum

About this project

One hundred and seventy years ago at the time of Fathali Shah, the National Arts Museum was a garden in the place of the buildings of the Ministry of Culture and Planning Budget Organization.

National Arts Museum includes the best national arts of Iran in recent years such as miniature, gilding, inlay, tiling, carpet weaving, textile weaving, gold embroidery, velvet weaving, enamels, etching and mosaic tile work. The building was turned into a museum in 1309. In order to make the pool house appropriate for a museum, fifty years ago some parts were added to the southern and northern parts in the same form and finally the museum was formed in the current shape. The name of the museum is taken from the name of the garden and since this place has been a pool house, it is known as the pool house of Negarestan Garden. The museum was established as a result of Master Hussain Taherzadeh Behzad’s efforts.

This monument was registered as one of Iran’s national monuments on 28th of Bahman 1369 with registration number 1732.